Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sydney Buses no longer selling PET, Family Funday Sunday tickets and MyMulti Day passes. Eastern Subs from April 28, rest of Sydney buses by June 1

The incumbent NSW Transport Minister's office through Transport for NSW, has announced beginning April 28, anyone catching any Eastern Suburbs Sydney Buses routes will no longer be able to purchase Pensioner Excursion Tickets (PET), Family Funday Sunday tickets and MyMulti Day passes.

What is even further stupidity displayed by the incumbents is that from Sunday 1st June all Sydney  Buses operated routes will be going to this new model, meaning anyone requiring PET, Family Funday Sunday or MyMulti Day tickets and passes will now need to pre-purchase these types of tickets and passes before boarding any Sydney Buses operated service.

Now call me stupid but given that most bus stops are within streets where nearby approved shops that sell these pre-paid tickets are far away it begs the question, why isn't the Opal card for concessioners and pensioners not yet active?

Surely this could solve the dilemma of having to first travel great distances just to buy a pre-paid ticket, to only walk again to the nearest bus stop? It just begs the question that given the adult opal card has been officially active and available for everyone who doesn't need a concession or PET version opal card and that the kids opal card has been available for purchase now for over a month, it's just mind boggling that TfNSW nor the incumbent (and quite honestly simple minded dumbness) transport minister will not give an exact time frame for the concession/pensioner Opal card.

What is purely obvious is that this transport minister whilst in opposition was ready to criticize the pervious labor government and promise that if they (the current Liberal/National Government) came into power that the opal card system would be available for all, but yet again we see nothing but pure laziness and blantant lying on Gladys behalf and I would question her intentions or motives for future increases or plans for the Opal Card system as I am sure we haven't seen any plans about future fare increases which is a very strong possibility.

In the mean time if you are a concession or pensioner within the Sydney Buses operation areas, we suggest you contact the ministers office or Transport for NSW to vent your anger at this major oversight!

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