Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Transport Minister obviously doesn't get accessibility

It was over the weekend when I got a couple of tweets from the Shadow Transport Minister, Penny Sharpe about a couple of issues that I had raised about accessible issues around the Cityrail network.

To be honest, I would have expected much better answers from the current transport minister, Gladys Berjiklian, but then again what should we expect, from a minister who doesn't listen to the people!!

For example, this was the response from the transport minister regarding only one blacktown lift being replaced currently whilst the other have been approved but are still "pending":

Considering the lift that was replaced is only used for the new carpark and has been available for full public service since early April and being it is now early June, that's a full two months to get something placed into cation if you ask me!!

The next issue was regarding the MLAK key (Master Lock Access Key) and the issue with oenrith's disabled toilet MLAK lock being higher and out of access for someone with a disability:

It's obvious from the above answer that the minister, nor her minions have actually been out to penrith to inspect this issue and I would hold my breath on it ever happening.

By far the biggest slap in the face so to speak would be about the incoming OPAL card and the lack of ability or support nor function ability for someone with a disability, who could tap on and tap off at an opal card reader point:

I think considering that the disability master plan she is referring too had little input nor word from anyone outside with a disability, albeit only members who are part of the organisations listed (and even then their submissions where anywhere between about 1-4 pages long) does not consider it to be any value to anyone.

The minster must be held accountable for her lack of support and understanding to us disabled rail commuters and should meet with us to actually have a discussion which is meaningful and have this and many other issues resolved, well in a utopian world it would happen but we wouldn't hold our breath for it to occur now would we.