Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Inner West Light Rail now open but no Lift interchange at Sydney Trains stations in Dulwich Hill & Lewisham

Last Thursday, the light rail extension from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill opened to the public which much fan fair, however there are still two issues which the current NSW Liberal/National Government along with Transport for All haven't planned to fix prior to the opening for people with disabilities.

The two issues are namely based around the following:

1) lack of the lift availability at Dulwhich Hill and Lewisham heavy rail (Sydney Trains) stations
2) Lack of local accessible bus availability for customer to change at Lewisham West to either Lewisham or Stanmore heavy rail stations.

These issues whilst seeming somewhat unimportant for most commuters and a minor oversight as transport specialists have stated, they are in fact quite huge transport blackspots which the Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian cannot blame on anyone else other than herself.

The lack of accessible transport interchange options, such as a lift at Dulwich Hill heavy rail station to say the least is quite the oversight. For example, someone requiring wheelchair accessibility from Lilyfield to say Bankstown, would have to change at Dulwich Hill onto the 412 bus to Campsie Station, then change for heavy rail at Campsie to Bankstown. This would add an additional 45-55mins travel on top of the ordinary travel time which is quite unfair and would be seen as discriminatory.

For Lewisham West, the lack of an accessible bus close to station which could enable travel and an accessible interchange capabilities to Stanmore heavy rail (which is wheelchair accessible) or the option to have Lewisham heavy rail station to become wheelchair accessible as well, with a connecting accessible local bus is again a major oversight.

"The option of not providing accessible interchange options at either Dulwhich Hill or Lewisham/Stanmore is quite disturbing and it shows that when it comes to accessible transport options, the current NSW Liberal/National Government are all talk but when push comes to shove, they don't seem to care about accessible transport" Alex Dennis - Transport for All NSW chairman stated.

"The Transport Minister has no one else than herself to blame for this two major oversights, after she delayed construction until 2012 - a year after the Liberal/National Government came into power and provided undertook additional detailed construction planning which would have identified these two issues should have been rectified and steps put in place to address these issues" Mr Dennis continued to state.

Transport for All NSW has sought comment from the Transport Minister and Transport for NSW as to what they plan to do to rectify this two issues, but we are yet to hear anything back from either party.

In the meantime Mr Dennis has suggested that the public speak to their local Liberal/National Minister and also undertake complaints with Transport for NSW as well.

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